• barbietocatwoman 6w

    14. Oblivion

    Was I lost
    Surely I must have been
    I didn't see it because I was in love with you
    And we were already wrong on so many things
    But to leave each other was akin to physical pain
    And I didn't want to see anyone else
    I thought what we had was love itself
    As if we were the first ones on earth
    But here's how the story goes
    There were many red flags
    And if I was too far gone, bring me back
    And if you were too far gone, you had me by your side
    I'd always protect you; your ruination is mine
    Fall into despair and I'll be your guide
    Now why does it sound like I'm carrying this whole relationship
    Am I?
    Is that the part I was never warned about
    That if you love too much you lose yourself
    He was drowning me and I didn't notice
    For I was blissfully swaying in the land of oblivion