• writediva 5w


    My princess,
    Beauty and brains,
    Your selflessness and humility are like ornaments worn by heavenly hosts,
    My princess,
    I was never wrong when I nicknamed you "My Belle",
    Your radiance and pure heart transforms even the monstrous of beast into prince charming,
    My princess,
    Let only Kings dine at thy table,
    Cos you are a Queen whose authority is unquestionable!
    My princess,
    Read through history, you are a woman treasured through into eternity,
    Your smiles, oh your smiles,
    Calms the storms the rages the oceans of my heart,
    You keep making me go speechless like your first Hi!
    You are my priceless jewel,
    "INIKPI omufedo BABA"
    I cherish you forever
    ATEKO !