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    It was one of those cold winter night
    They both were in a restaurant having their dinner
    And then, she asked him what he would like to eat for dessert.
    He looked into her eyes intensely for quite a minute and suddenly the waiter breaks their little stare at each other and asked him, "what else you would like to order sir?"
    I will have my dessert later, ask to the ma'am" he said to the waiter.
    She gave her a confused look and ordered cheese cake for her.

    The waiter went to get her order and then she asked him "why you didn't ordered your dessert?"

    I will have my dessert laters baby, you eat your cheese cake" he said her and made a
    wicked smile.

    After a minute the waiter gets her a cheese cake and she start eating it. she was eating her cheese cake just like a kid, looking so cute and innocent like a kid who feel happy when they get an extra chocolates from their mother.
    He was just staring at her and after she finished eating her cheese cake they paid the bill and came out of restaurant.

    "So, where is your dessert?" She asked him
    He pulls her closer into his arms and kisses her gently on her lips, eating every inch of her lips and then he pull her closer and whisper into her ears, "my only favourite dessert is your lips baby, there is nothing more delicious and sweet then those juicy lips of yours."

    She smiled at him and kiss her back!

    Charulata sharma.

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    Her lips= his favourite dessert