• anji_ae 6w

    We all feel void at times.
    We return to the past and revisit those doors seldom opened..

    Times of ballads and tale tellers,
    time of radios and times when you had crush on the voice you heard.

    A time when floral sarees could be spotted everywhere,
    those varied colours and the georgette special ones.
    A time when cassette songs and CD movies enticed the youth.
    And a time when people exchanged their love through letters in library books.

    A time of base model phones and landlines even before that,
    where I liked dialling random numbers,
    and a time when the young me used to shove floppy disks everywhere possible.

    Gradually one thing replaces the other.
    But a part of us is always that old school type
    and that's why the old typewriters still remain my fav!