• ritvik_tuteja 5w

    The Coolest King Khan

    Unperturbed & unmoved he is,
    Living a lifetime relaxed in calmness
    A social magnet he is in every place
    In everyone's perspective, he's the man of the moment
    His doors are open to each person
    Always available as a support to everyone
    He's keenly interested in each one's well being
    In his capacity does he do everything

    To each person hes the best version of a friend
    Someone there for everyone to vent
    In everyone's interest he bases his decisions
    On each ones face, the smile does he brighten
    Alot of social circles to handle,
    He's always timing his schedule

    Backed by a family loving,
    Similar to him, they're very endearing
    Never bothering about perfection & lofty standards
    To oneself, he is the best beyond everyone
    Passionate about emulating his favorite actor Salman
    His style & swag is similar to his role model
    Never bothered about anyone's judgement
    To him matters happiness & self contentment