• tejaswini_goutami 31w

    In This World Of Men

    How can I console you
    Which words can give you relief
    If I speak out for you
    They say stop this bullshit

    We are born to rule
    We are born with all rights
    Can play with anything, they say
    A doll, lifeless or alive

    Don't even dare to shout
    You don't have much strength for battle
    Their evil laughter warns me
    Remember, you are also a girl

    Keep your face under veil
    Shut your eyes and mouth
    Because '8' is just a number for us
    May it be 'decade', 'year' or 'month'

    Nothing could stop us till now
    Nothing will ever can
    Better you be our mute slave
    In this world of Men

    Still I pray for you
    Wondering what can I do
    Will build my girl for fight
    And my boy to be good