• insidethesoul 9w

    What a tragic year!

    Once gone is gone forever,
    Left behind are only memories.
    Too many lives have gone,
    Too many tears have fallen,
    Too many fears have come true,
    We can't do anything for a person who is gone forever.
    Just cherish the moments spent with them,
    Just remember them,
    And smile,
    Smile for the time they gave you,
    Smile for the love they gave you,
    Smile for the feelings that you have for them,
    Smile for everything they have done for you,
    Let's good bye them with a smile.
    They are alive in our hearts,
    This will give us courage to live,
    Afterall life won't stop....
    And where ever they are, they also want their loved once to stay happy forever.
    For them we have to move on,
    For them we have to live happy,
    For them we have to defeat this tragic year...