• megha_14 11w

    •|| please listen ||•

    I just told you to hear me
    But you started giving me advice .

    I just wanted you to understand me
    But you started telling me to not feel in that way.

    I just wanted you to follow me when I speak
    But you tended me to follow others .

    I just wanted to cry infront of you
    But you didn't let them out .

    All I said is that just listen!

    Am I that helpless , discouraged , faltering , nerd .
    That I can't help myself !
    Those tons of advice from endless number of people sometimes is not in need !
    I would have got thousand of advices from those 20 cents cheap news papers of Billy Graham and Dear Abby !

    Some people in your life doesn't need advisors to come up with themselves . They aren't helpless , they can help themselves to come up from those darkness . All is they just need someone to listen !
    The one who could listen him peacefully without any obsession. So that they don't feel strange to themselves.!


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