• vincent 6w

    On a not so fine day her voice soothes me. Questions I avert now, answers I don't want bother me less. I don't want much now.

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    Love, Not Yet

    As the clouds move away from Sun,
    I move closer to you.
    Birds returning home from their play,
    I return home to thoughts of you.
    Now and Here or Tomorrow and There,
    You will always be with me.

    Slurping the steaming noodles which burn my lips,
    My mind goes to cold Hills.
    Where I have your fingers within mine.
    Yet my eyes cannot see you here.
    My ears can hear your heart beat,
    You will always be with me.

    The thought of you leaving now lingers in my heart,
    A pain indescribable and uncured.
    Stays behind at every thought of your absence.
    To see you lighting up someone else’s face scares me.
    I shake them off and find peace in ignorance.
    Because even then you will be with me, in my memories.