• poojakuril 6w

    Usually soft hearted person overthink because anybody can hurt them easily������ @writersnetwork

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    How can I argue on the things
    that you have never said?
    Those things are the result
    of my over thinking.
    But then who put those things in my mind.
    Because I am not so open to anyone besides you.
    You are the only person who know me this well.
    Only you have the right to hurt me.
    But then you love me so deeply,
    you cannot even think of hurting me.
    You told me once that
    you will always love me like this
    no Matter what.
    Always be there in my good and bad times.
    Always protect me.
    Seems like I have started
    over thinking again.
    Leaving the world of fairies,
    I have to live in reality.
    Otherwise I will be left alone.