• ivanaanag 10w

    Burnt ashes!

    Long time ago,
    The fire got ignited
    That solemn pledge,
    Was ever lighted
    Near and far,
    The aroma highlighted
    That bowed in that direction,
    Where the aroma proceeded
    Far across the distance,
    It felt the acquaintance
    So alluring it seemed,
    That could kindle such beams
    Those were forestry,
    Or evergreen mystery
    That one could visualise,
    The hill of Aventine
    Beautiful and spiritual so the pathway was,
    That one could feel
    The taste of mystique,
    So illusionary the drift was
    That the smell could,
    Frame the picturesque of Valentine
    The story lasted till the spot was reached,
    And the love in air
    Spoilt soon,
    The igniting fire
    Reached up to the brink if futility,
    And the scenario depicted
    The burnt ashes,
    With the allure prevailing
    No more! No more!

    Composed by: Ivana Anag Hazarika