• quillwithfire_ 10w

    Let me describe in some special words

    Your silky hair,
    Got my hands crazy.
    Your lustrous eyes,
    Makes me shy when
    You wildly stares at me.
    Your naughty nose,
    Annoys me every time.
    Your sizzling lips,
    Makes me shiver.
    Your tasty chin,
    Irritates my teeth.
    Your feeble neck,
    Intensifies my tongue
    To come out.
    Your exotic chest,
    Gives me goosebumps.
    Your soft hands,
    Calms me.
    Your pillowy-shoulder,
    Take away all my worries
    Your insane legs,
    Every time stand for me.
    And most spectacular;
    Your unblended pure soul,
    Is the finest of everything.