• shalini_singh_rajput 6w

    The dismal darkness and the hundred hopes,
    The tussle between anger, anxiety and ambition
    Wanting to settle down
    But fighting to claim something of my own.
    Gives a million reasons to stop
    But everyday you wake up with the puffy eyes
    Wash your face to put some gel
    To put the Kohl,to paint lips in a natural nude shade
    To look lovely and lively.
    Because, apparently last day,
    You could have smiled more,
    You could have sold your arguments well,
    You could have been agressive or assertive,
    Maybe you didn't fit in,
    May be you belong somewhere else,
    Maybe you were only good enough to reach till the last,
    Maybe you sound too feeble,too sweet,too childish.
    Or maybe It wasn't just your Day.