• absynth 11w

    Musical chairs

    What's the use of giving up on life
    When every morning you wake up
    And are forced to feel alive
    In a make believe world
    Lying in wait with its army of shutter bugs
    For the celebrity love
    To step out of its dazzling bungalow
    With a plastic smile on its face,
    Too common place
    Just like its cosmetic glow.

    So many have been waiting in line
    Stubborn fools refusing to step aside
    Hoping that soon its gonna be their time,
    A chance to stand under the spotlight
    But love always has other plans
    Can never keep it in its pants
    Fucks one forever and then moves on to the other.

    You may never feature on the cover
    Of someone's popular magazine,
    Never get to enjoy a ride
    In that fancy limousine,
    Maybe end up tasting expensive champagne
    From the one who's never gonna see you again
    Or share a few steamy french kisses
    Before gargling them in your mouth
    And spitting them away in the breeze.

    The bleakness of your future prospects
    While clinging on to self respect
    Is only as conspicuous
    As the forgotten over coat
    Left hanging on the dusty coat rack.
    Of course you will retaliate
    Gather up yourself
    Give it a last shot
    With whatever you have got,
    Start on a clean slate
    To be obscured yet again.

    Its a big bad world out there
    You are just getting your share
    Nobody said its gonna be fair
    They don't do rescue missions here
    No one to notice your burning flare
    So go , grab your seat
    And don't leave it
    For its high time you learnt to play
    This mortal game of musical chairs.