• layanselmedo 45w

    I Smile

    I smile because I have to.
    I smile bacause I want to.

    I smile for reasons,
    Reasons that will forever be a question to you.
    Reasons that will make you curious too.

    Are you not curious to know the reason behind my smile?
    Of course you do,cause if not, I would stop reading if I were you.

    I smile beacause you are so curious,
    Why are you so curious?
    Do you find me so mysterious?

    I smile because I'm loved.
    I'm loved because you're here.
    You're here because you care.

    I smile because I'm safe.
    I'm safe because I'm secured.
    Secured by you, the guard of my heart.
    My heart that you promised not to break, too.

    I smile because I remembered,
    I remember you and I, both with a smile.
    A smile that holds thousands of meanings,
    Meanings that will forever be cheerished.

    I smile because you are holding me tight.
    Holding me tight like you are afraid to loose me.
    Loose me and see me with somebody.

    I smile because I love your back hugs,
    Your back hugs that made me feel warm.
    Warm like I'm in bed,
    Not thinking of others and what they said.

    I smile because my hand perfecly fits yours.
    It fits like it's been sculpted,
    And it made me think that we are truely destined.

    I smile because I was thinking of someone,
    That someone who made me write this not so secret letter.
    Letter that I hope to make you feel better.