• weaver_of_wordss 10w


    ‘You’ll never be accepted! You’re all alone!’
    The demons sniggered, as they continued their torment,
    Wishing that the aura of happiness were gone,
    They were truly heartless, and their minds were bent,
    As the blows of the words broke my soul,
    I found myself feeble, was I becoming obsolete?
    Ignorance and deception were as common as cold,
    All the optimism in me had begun to deplete,
    I could not hear the sonorous voice inside,
    That could petrify these demons, and bring forth a change,
    They had taken control, and life had lost that bright side,
    I wailed that my mind had branded me as someone strange,
    Chaos reigned, inflicting torture and pain,
    Yet a resolve I forged, never will I be fragile,
    And I know that there’s always a rainbow after the rain,
    So I disguise my pain with a veneer called smile.