• ahmedkhaatmi 34w

    Story of an Average Nobody.

    You wake up and find yourself in this world. You are born. You stumble through the early years in this world. You learn to crawl, you learn to walk, you learn to speak, you learn to talk, you learn languages, you learn to write. You are weak but you make it through these years. You are not dead of malnutrition. You are cured of typhoid. You are not caught by Chicken Pox, Diarrhea, Malaria, Measles or Whooping Cough. You are not kidnapped for ransom. You are not abused by any stranger. You feel you are lucky.

    You grow up and step out of your comfort zone where the life begins. You come to make friends. They are better than you. You have a vague idea of what you are and what you want to become. You try finding yourself in others, your friends (who are better than you). You try to walk their path. You start following their dreams. You try to reach their highest scores. You are not good-looking but you see yourself in the mirror and think of yourself as somebody else. You sleep in the night and dream of your coming life as a movie with a happy ending. You dream of marrying a girl like Jennifer Connelly and making children like Harry Potter. Then you wake up as the same nobody with the same vague idea of yourself. You wake up to the same cryptic world. You wake up to the same questions of your existence and again with no answers. You try but still are one step from the top. You want the answers but you face an endless void. You go to sleep with a desire to wake up as somebody else, some days you want to wake up as a magician, some days as a billionaire but next day you are the same troubled person. The cycle goes round and round and round..

    Now you are old, in to the sixties, father of unpleasant children, married to an unattractive lady. You are retired from a 16-grade government job. Your wife and children complain for not providing enough, they always have. You have accomplished nothing great to show for your life. The wet dreams of youth are now nightmares. Those dreams of the youth now feel like possibilities not met. You are still not aware of your life's rationale, but now you know you had something, you had a spark which needed ignition but now it will remain an enigma.

    Now you are on your deathbed. You are getting the answers. Now you know why your friends were better than you. Now you know what makes you take that one step to be on the top. Now you know what you lacked. Now you know that everyday millions of ''yous'' like you are born and die the same way you are, and why the ''yous'' are not one of ''thems'', them at the top. You want to make it right, you want to run that extra mile, you want to set the high-score, you want to be everything you were ever destined to be but its too late for that.

    Now, you are dead. Its time for you to sleep.