• manbhav 5w

    Hang on
    Don't let the noise and madness take over you
    Stop. Breathe. Close your eyes. Look within.

    Sink into yourself
    Delve deeper
    Don't ask any more questions
    Be Silent and let the answers find your way

    Deep down when you find a trace of me
    No matter how insignificantly small
    Hang on..hold on to me
    Hold on to me..For I want to hold back on

    Make me your companion forever
    And don't loose me in narrow alleys
    Let me be with you like your shadow
    And as the breath that keeps you alive

    Make me the warm sunny mornings
    That brighten up your long dark nights
    The sweet sound of music
    That brings on you a smile

    Hang on
    Stop. Breathe. Close your eyes. Look within.
    And let me stay
    Cos even if you forget me
    You will still find me hidden deep within