• ishikamk 24w


    There lived a guy whom she never knew!
    Neither she felt that it was you
    One fine day he clinked on her,
    She was like,who is it? Is he is a creep?
    Days went by and time immemorial,
    They grew bosom to each other.
    His prattles she would listen day and night,
    Her chatters he would hear with great delight.
    In the long run a situation they faced,
    Where it seemed there's no one else.
    It was difficult to go a day,
    When they didn't talk an hour or late.
    Maybe this was something,
    Perhaps a spark of feelings.
    Which was meant to bind them, Possibly together and for forever.
    The feeling was so intense,
    It felt like never letting it go.
    They were in love, or jst say so.
    Then a day arrived, it was late at night,
    They chose to confess rather than regret.
    He expressed his love for her in the best way possible,
    She let her feelings flow which was unstoppable.
    Birds started chirping, the city aroused,
    They still were engrossed in each others love.
    Their heart was awake while they slept,
    The call duration was now 4 hours and 18th was the date.
    Now there occured a time,
    When she had to move miles away from him,
    Her father's job it was which made a distance in them.
    The day before leaving she met him,
    His face was full of excitement which left it beaming.
    He wanted to hold her hands so as she,
    He wanted to say how much he loved her for the last time they met,
    He wanted to hug her the tightest he can,
    But alas!
    She had to go.
    The day finally arrived which made her leave,
    The day was now 28th.
    His heart sank and he felt like hugging,
    Her eyes watered cuz she could feel the pain in him.
    He cried that night cuz she's the one he loved,
    He felt her pain cuz her heart was his now.
    Now the distance was 3000 miles,
    And she couldn't let her mind go of him.
    Both understood this feeling was special to them,
    Maybe their mind and heart were already connected.
    They felt their heart beating for each other,
    They knew there can be none else to replace the other,✊
    They were now a name taken together.
    It's 1 year nd 3 months now and they are still going strong,
    That's you and me forever to long.