• trillamonjaro 9w


    When your knees have fallen from grace, leaving you on your hands

    When your guilt tries to save face and your body balances on stilts to stand

    Tears roaming, descending in a solo motion

    Grandiose body movements represent an innocent notion

    Screaming "I didn't do it, I didn't do it, don't blame me!" "You're in my life but you're never around, yet I fucking hate you!"

    "I often despise you, the lies you tell are so fucking shameful!"

    She said condescending, she often hated for being different and never trending

    Her days darken, her pain hearkens to your bolded mental

    To go calm and go palm that beholden pencil

    Steady alone, but always a hand to help her lift

    Because the pills give her chills that tell her "never quit"

    But whole time, her "helping hand" was a fallacy

    And her lies were in disguise of a devil
    But actually, it was support