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    "Somewhere amidst the chaos
    inside my soul,
    there was a flower that blossomed
    to make me see some beauty
    in the worst situations."
    " I've never looked past
    the boundaries I drew,
    possibly if I did... I could have seen it too"
    "It isn't too late,
    hold on to my words
    I'll show you that it's not too late."
    I hate myself less when my father
    calls me up and asks me to talk
    to my family miles apart.
    When my ma speaks to me after tirelessly
    toiling in the kitchen,
    I hate myself less when I
    wake up alive, feeling that
    it was worth it.
    I hate myself less
    when I know at the end of the day
    I made at least one person laugh.
    I hate myself less
    when I know that the person
    I love is having a great life,
    though I'm not in it.
    we hate ourselves less
    when we find happiness in others faces
    " There may have been too many reasons
    to detest my existence,"
    "But there are enough reasons
    to move the hate aside."

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