• mara_pain 6w


    He died in my arms
    And there's nothing I could do
    I was seated on the floor
    His head on my laps
    Watching him take his last breath

    He never fought to stay alive
    He never wanted to stay with me
    He hated me that much
    He said I made him miserable
    He said I took away his happiness

    He wanted to be free
    Freed from me
    The woman he claimed to love
    His life
    That's what he used to say
    But suddenly I wasn't his love
    Not was I his life
    Not anymore
    He hated me more than anything

    He uttered very mean words to me
    Words I couldn't express
    Those words broke me
    Shuttered me
    They made me hate him
    He killed me too

    So that fateful day
    I lost him
    At first I didn't feel a thing
    Then it started to sink in
    And I realized what I lost
    It was a breath of fresh air

    I held his funeral
    Dressed in pure plain black
    I was the only one in attendance
    I wasn't in tears
    I wasn't in pain
    I was just relieved

    I burried him in my mind
    Dead and gone
    From the universe of my life
    Ready to resurrect in someone
    Else's life
    Life is a series of pain