• rabina_azrael 10w

    No,not anymore.

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    How easy it is,isn't it?
    To write the words that lie.
    How simple it is,don't you think so?
    To dream of the moments that would never be real.

    Dreaming of the days when loneliness wouldn't be there,
    It all sounds easy,but,
    The words that assure you aren't here,
    It has been erased with the brush of time.

    How lonely you were!
    And how sad I had been!
    Trying to pretend about the things that we had never seen.

    Are you okay there?
    Are you fine?
    I wish all the dreams were true,
    I wished all those time.
    How I wished I meant something to you.

    -the nightmare keeps recurring and I can't stop at all.

    -A. Rabina