• favourizky19 5w

    Sitted for a stound
    When a damsel walked up to me
    Stretched her hand for a dance
    Which I duly obliged as a gentleman
    We were dancing
    We swung back and forth like a pendulum
    She was so beautiful
    Her voice was angelic
    I was not only astounded by her charm but also our camaraderie
    We were like Siamese twins
    She was dressed in red with a lush red lips to match
    She was everyman's fantasy
    We talked till the night was young
    We then proceeded for a huge mahogany tree
    We were locked in each other gaze
    My mind trying to search her's
    We had been looking for space
    This was the perfect place
    Fixed to a position
    We were at an impasse
    Perspiration trickling down my face
    My heart throbed as the clock ticked
    Placed my tuxedo on her shoulder
    She was shivering
    Drew her close
    Could feel the softness of her skin
    Her long hair on my tuxedo
    Her fragrance was divine
    Our eyes glued to each other only
    Then we kissed
    The fiery passion could be perceived
    Her lips were sweet and succulent like chocolates
    Could feel her bare breast to my chest
    It felt so light and drenched in the rain
    My hands wrapped around her waist
    could see the fire and desire in her eyes
    All she desired was me
    It felt as though I has been hypnotized
    It felt so mystic
    We had transcended into another realm
    A realm which seemed lucid but hard to apprehend