• saayaa 51w

    He asked- why do U always go to the extreme of all the situations?
    She remained silent.
    She had no answer.
    She was speechless..
    Her words were echoing in her brain...
    Her tears were answering his question...
    He could not understand the silence..
    She never stopped him from expressing any of his feelings as she knows where it leads to in future..
    But he never said it..
    This hurts her always...
    He did not understand that if she loves.. her extreme is beyond the universe..
    If she is angry, her extreme is her tears that fall when she's unable to convey her heart..
    If she hates, her extreme is to kill..
    Than what's wrong if she goes to the extreme when she wants him forever, for all the births beyond this one..
    She loves him..
    She loves him beyond the universe...
    She loves him more than anyone else..
    When will he understand the love of her?