• david_vs_a_word 10w

    Borrowed time

    A firefly rises high in the sky, but dies in an hour of the eye.
    A cry that leads too a lie....rubs tears the wrong way.
    A curved whip only hurts the user, as they hurt the one they love.
    A bikes chain break's But hides in a circle of conclusion.
    A kind word bares the truth of self-delusion.
    A cute smile from the most beautiful of green eyed girls turns my heart in two.
    A black vale only hids the crazy inside.
    A blue ribbon only pins the one who hides hate inside.
    A quick Witted repartee, wears thin within because they live in sin.
    A ripped furit rots because...deep within the poison hides behind....borrowed time.
    A lie thats told in secret, only hides tomorrow's pain.
    A black mark only shames the one who told the lie.
    A look into the past only pains the one you love..................