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    Story part 2

    He was fighting a lost battle. He was trying to drift away hoping some voice will come from behind and ask him to slow down. Maybe approach him and whisper in his eyes: Enough, Lets go home.

    For a while his ears were alert and back twitched eagerly waiting to be patted. Sometimes you run away from someone in a hope that it will bring you closer to them. In the hope that that someone will miss you and hold you again ever more strongly, not to let go. And sometimes, just those rarest of the rare times....nothing happens. No one happens!!

    They leave you. and you realize its not you who was running away in the first place, it was them who were trying to find an excuse not to show up. And you kind of knew it but didnt want to face it. Suddenly you realise it wasnt your cause to start with. And you repent ... and then repent some more