• himynameisghost 6w

    I just...

    I just...

    I feel like I'm losing my mind

    I've traveled back and forth a thousand times trying to establish my thought patterns and process these land mines set to implode, as soon as i attempt to put a smile on this face that doesn't even feel like mine

    I feel cold inside

    Numb from top to bottom, head to toe, still drowning from my past sorrows, I can't figure out the Code da Vinci set in stone, so I'm still wandering around this slippery slope, trying to find my way back up, if i climb i slip, if i jump it's a sin, what if i just sit here and starve to death? I'll still be sent to limbo, the in-between because i put myself in this position and the recognition doesn't seem to be working properly everything is distorted and i have no more options, I promised

    I wouldn't let them in, I wouldn't let them win

    These demons again, demonstrating what they want me to be, I won't accept anything from evil I told you I'm light, I'll fight until my entire body depletes of energy, you know we can be our own worst enemy and you can't let these entities grab ahold of your beating heart inside your chest cavity, this is me letting you know I'll complete everything evil has to throw at me and repaint these walls white where the darkness covered my eyes so i couldn't see clearly, I promise, I'll stand up to fight back, I'll no longer let them feed me pretend, Now my eyes see through their revenge, Just another heart broken attack

    I just...

    I feel like I'm losing my mind, I feel cold inside, i promised, I wouldn't let them in, I wouldn't let them win, I promise

    I promise