• roxana91 9w

    The rest of the world

    While the rest of the world goes on,
    My life falls, going down.
    I don't want to complain,
    I am aware of any childhood mistakes.

    If someone had asked me before,
    How I wanted my life to look at 29,
    I certainly wouldn't have thought
    I could be happier with what I have less.

    There are feelings that haunt me inside,
    Are disappointments that break me the cells,
    But to see the darkness in my life,
    You have to read the story behind any wounds.

    When everyone is happy trying to make a family,
    I still find it hard to live without
    The parts of myself
    That I lost in every person I met.

    While this world is in a constant hurry,
    I try to move away from everyone,
    I know that there will be too few
    Who will try to understand what I need.