• ayieko_jakoyo 9w

    Happy Birthday Joy

    Another year of joy
    Happiness and tender care
    Friendship and love
    Love beyond boarders
    Enjoy your day Joy
    Another year
    Of happiness and blessings

    Always determined
    With zeal to do the best
    Working towards your dream
    Nothing to limit you
    Zeal and renewed energy
    To love and care
    For all who come your way

    Your calmness
    Is the sweetest thing ever
    With a heart so tender
    So nice to hurt
    As you turn another year
    May the blessings be upon you
    To live and love
    To care and be happy
    Happy birthday Joy

    (Martha Joy)

    © Ayieko Jakoyo
    The Contemporary Scribe
    2nd June, 2020

    Requested by Lizah David