• precious101 5w

    Am i a joke to you? Do you feel the same for me as i feel for you? It's one question. You follow me everywhere, We make plans together, we tell eachother everything, theres not a day that does by that you don't talk to me, youre the only one i ever call separate from my parents, and i don't know if you know but you cure my anxiety. But you still dont like me?? Everyone says you do and that you hesitate and you're scared. My anxietys going off the charts because im looking at all these other guys and they're not you. No matter how much i flirt with them or they confess that they like me, it doesnt matter because its not you. When they go after me I cant help but wish that you did the same. Because no matter how many guys i flirt with, hold hands with, or talk to i feel guilty towards you and for myself because i know who my heart is tied to right now. And no matter how interested I am in them, im still all about you. Yet you still say you have no one to date and call me your wing woman.. Im so irritated that i don't know if you see me the same and i can't stay mad about it because im never able to stay mad at you for long. You make me vulnerable and i hate it. I absolutely hate it. I don't think I've ever felt this way before. I've never had to tediously question whether a guy had feelings for me like i do now. I usually never have the blessing of another person as important as you are to me in my life. I want to tell you how i feel about you but i just cant do it. Because if you really dont feel the same its gonna rip me to shreds. Just imagining you romantic with someone else tears at me, i cant bear it! Why is it me that can't get the guy i really like... Why do i always get the stupid ones.