• 1997_me 50w

    What If, Would Have

    And what if we hadn't met,
    What do you think would've happened?
    Your soft kisses upon my lips would've been
    for someone else
    And my smile would've meant nothing.

    What if the planets above hadn't set round the sun,
    the way it eventually did.
    Where do you think we would've been then?
    You would've opened your heart to her, your secrets circling her mind,
    While your presence would've been nonexistant for me.

    I would've found him.
    Skipped with a spring in my step on the way to work.
    While you would have passed me by,
    a smirk on your face, eyeing me warily.
    Maybe we would've become friends, sharing thoughts on mundane affairs.
    But we wouldn't have known what we had missed, our ignorance resembling a teenage summer affair.

    Isn't it wonderful that we met,
    And the would have's and what if's vanished into thin air.
    Destiny refuses to be my friend still, she tells her course can't be foreseen.
    Till then, I've made you mine, fair and square.