• riyajangra 9w

    The Untouchable

    The love she did was amazingly the most pure form of love.
    There she had an another friend, just a dove.
    He was a basketball player having a lot of friends
    And she was a part of the team of nerds!
    He was the son of a teacher.
    She didn't know why she was addressed as a cheater.
    Whenever he passed by, she used to blush.
    He felt pleased about being her crush.
    Her love touched him for life.
    And she dreamed of being his wife.
    They shared a seemingly perfect relationship.
    Little did she know that their connection, was born to rip!
    She was beautiful, graceful and easily lovable.
    But she wasn't aware that she was an untouchable.
    She still asks her mother why he kept her as a secret?
    She kept wondering, Why he used to talk to her just in private?
    She was enervated at the thought of being left unforeseen.
    She felt like a crap 'cause her love was pure clean
    She used to ask her dove, Was his love really of her reach?
    Or was the gullible mislaid because of his witless preach!