• dayomanuel 10w


    Much have I travelled in the love of adventure
    And many goodly state and places seen
    Did I not breathe in their pure Serene
    Definitely it was truly a burning desire
    Which I have no word to admire
    All entering my mind without a reminder
    A beautiful reminiscence
    Of now forgotten past!

    With no choice I find myself on the pyre of dreams that reminds me of the past
    A recollection of temperance
    From a body that got abandoned of its soul
    Cold, creeping, despaired
    Vulnerable true to flesh and bone
    Wish I was a glass
    So transparent but 
    Easier to break cause it has no soul

    I've been alone in this isolation
    Tortured in different ways by loneliness
    Teaching me the true meaning of an outcast
    I can't cope with it anymore
    I am fragile, I hate to admit
    I stretched out my hands with the hope of being rescued
    Felt the touch of hope on the tip of my fingers
    But disappointed because hope seems like a mirage

    Lost in the dark tower of loneliness
    My only companions are the voices in my head
    My instinct and mind deep in a heated conversation
    Debating on how to end it all
    My negativity knocked out all my positivity
    I feel like am one foot out of the world
    And the other foot clinging to life

    Several days rolls by
    I struggled to find meaning to this isolation
    I closed my eyes
    Hoping it's nothing but a terrific nightmare
    And the next day I'll open my eyes to the and see the thing back to normal
    To the coming of a new dawn
    To the purge of the sickness
    To the end of the pandemic
    And to say my Adios to my ISOLATION
    ©Dayo Manuel