• pavanika123 5w

    The feelings which I couldn't express during my childhood, as you know.. then I might hadn't known even how to speak but it was beautiful coz one of the reasons is YOU. Now I'm speaking out from that child's soul...

    Your beautiful and frustrated eyes can throw anyone to the bottom of the ocean (of love)
    Your hands can make marvelous changes to my hair ( messy by my bestie)
    I'm laughing 1st time rather than screaming at you even after your tantrums
    I'm crying 1st time rather than enjoying the holidays without you
    Even our fightings will end in a glimpse of a second
    You made my childhood life complete with long lasting memories, one day I'll get too old to remember my name also but I'm sure even then I'll think about you and recall your image in my heart as you are the most valuable person in my life even my brain resists to forget you...

    I hope you can remember my name throughout your life, I think I'm not expecting much as you have a sharp brain Hehe