• lavanyashankarr 5w

    Before you give your self mentally and physically to someone think for long ... may be how much long ever u take still love can fool u... yet take your time ..! Dont be a fool .! Get them do what they can or will for you ..! See how deep their emotions are... like its not testing ... make them realize how much they love you before u show how much you love them .! People neee to understnd .! They get saturated easily of things that they get easily
    #live #livethemoment #love #kiss #cuddle #alone #forever

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    Live the moment .!
    Love like he is the only man
    Kiss like there is no more time
    Fuck like tats your last time
    Wrap around like you ll get burried together.
    But, living the moment can leave you dead for rest of the life .!