• charithas 46w

    Open letter from a fan to all the media lunatics who tried to cash in the impetuous emotions of Ppl.

    A brightest star in the history of Indian cinema has fallen. While the entire nation is mourning the sudden demise of the queen of Bollywood Sridevi, I've come across many videos, stories, posts, articles and the likes speculating the causes of her death in the most execrable ways possible. Especially to those who have been introspective about the number of surgeries she had undergone, the diets she were on to maintain her beauty and her physique. Let me politely remind such people that, every purposeful human on this earth have a passion which drives them day-in and day-out. For example, we have athletes practising for hours passionately to be their best and also, many scholars who passionately binge on every new book on the shelf. Similarly, she was a passionate actress almost her entire life, spanning from an age of 4 till her death. She maintained her beauty with her grace, elan and panache. Let's celebrate her zeal and Undying spirit to present herself as a never ageing beauty who was looked upon by everyone irrespective of gender as a role model. It's impertinent to introspect her lifestyle instead of glorifying her fervor as a world class actress she was.
    And to those who were criticizing the attention, the departed and bereaved had received but not others like soldiers, eminent scientists, Syrian people etc. Let me politely inform you all, I would never denigrate the loss of such brave souls. But comparing apples to oranges is not a reasonable logic. While I totally desire we hail these heroes similarly, I wish to bring to your notice that Sridevi had been a household name in India assimilating every region of this diverse nation. So,The more attached we are to someone the more attention we give. Thus, she received all the attention of the nation or even beyond. She was the epitome of grace, beauty and everything best as an actor. She served the nation as an entertainer par-excellence bringing in every possible emotion alive among the viewers. She excelled in being an example to every woman as a truly empowered woman. She was one of the first female actors to receive a pay equal-to or even more than her male co-stars.
    I beg everyone who's a part of this big media world to act responsibly to bring in a change in the nation rather just striving for TRPs. Do not let us lose our hope in media by portraying such extreme foolishness again.
    Finally, the lessons this much lauded and loved Goddess of Bollywood taught me with her death are,
    No matter how big you are, there's no certainty of life and the claws of death would spare none.
    Live your passion, let you be the first to love yourself the most.
    However drifted your relationships are, death unites everyone while departing One.
    My deepest and sincere condolences to the bereaved, especially the most beloved daughters of the actress-Jahnvi and Kushi. They are guided by her to an eternity for everything she was in herself. May God bless you with every strength to bear such huge loss.
    #Sridevi-I saw an angel of that am sure. Goddess returns to her happy heavens. May her soul rest in eternal peace.