• bold_feminine_1111 9w

    Just like oxygen, our soul needs morals and ethics to feel alive.

    Abuse has become so normal that people have forgotten that they deserved to be respected and treated with dignity (until they fail to treat others the same way) it's like your living a life of a victim and being fine with it. If you have forgotten your truth, let me remind you... 'DON'T FEEL GUILT OR SHAME for expecting truth, respect, honesty, freedom.' It's like feeling shameful about asking for oxygen to keep yourself alive. Your soul needs these basic elements to keep itself alive. It's not your wants that you let anyone tell you that's it's too much and you are being unrealistic. It's a need. A necessity of a soul to feel alive and lively. It's not something one is incapable of giving, we all are love and when one has worked on themselves, they are truly capable of giving you all of these. It's only those who do not want to work on themselves and make them whole, that inflict Shame onto you for demanding these basic elements. It's high time that we stop accepting abuse like it's normal be it Emotional or mental. Fuck those who tell you, you are too much for asking their basic ethics that were already injected in humans by default that they themselves have polluted with greed, rage and hatred. Asking for these things isn't high standard. But high morals... A way of life that we all have to cultivate