• ricoben09 5w

    Hail, praise, or saying great
    Never been heard from my race
    Although food and place
    All of them are under their care
    I can say one word "appreciate"

    But this is not all about praise
    And I'm not looking for a place
    To get better treatment just for my sake
    And I'm not that person to act envy
    I just want to feel I'm okay

    There are times I have to swallow my pride
    For the sake to settle down all the plight
    Because I know what will be like
    If I have to fight for my rights
    I don't want to make it happen in my life

    Yes, It's ridiculous not to fight
    Because in the first place, you are right
    But considering them is also my like
    Even I'm suffering in this life
    I just want to feel them, I'm alright

    So many words I wanted to play
    But I don't think they will feel my hate
    Because in my situation today
    They didn't see what's on my day
    The days I'm suffering with my debate