• slimshadi 9w

    Jai shree ram

    I know I spewed some poison pakchik
    I mistakenly hoped u knew I can't mean it
    But with these invisible cuts of pain and guilt
    It's lonely in here without the usual chikchik

    Mom's sending me away to a doc
    For sleeping half nights and all days
    Little does she know it's the only antidote to this grief
    And why should i even wake up to such dimmer days?

    It's okay I don't love myself either
    But do I deserve to apologise deeper
    For I know I messed up big time
    But you know that I can barely rhyme

    Twas me who was simply entrapping myself
    Twas me who was intoxicating myself

    Don't know if this silence is of annoyance or relieving yourself off of the trouble I am
    Convinced of my insanity, giving up on me is Sam.

    Cuz engaging oneself in study entirely
    Ik neednot demand cut off contact
    Agonizing heart does try to reach out
    But fear and hesitation pushes it back

    Few mutual buds said give it some time
    But every minute's an hour, and an hour a day
    Can't muster guts to ask Aman if all's fine,
    Cuz I've let you down to our utter dismay

    So, sorry for turning into a witch
    Sorry for the losing grace
    Sorry for the missing harmony
    Sorry for the damage I made

    But I'd say we flatter those we barely know,
    And we please the fleeting guest,
    But give a full thoughtless blow
    To those who wish for us the best