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    I've came across many people around me saying they find searching for happiness a difficult task!
    They say they feel lonely, and depressed !
    It happens!
    There are times when you feel sad and nothing's working out for you!
    You're alone,
    Staring at the four walls,
    Staring at the ceiling,
    You lie on your bed awake as night turns into morning!
    And you are so much drowned in that routine that you actually forget
    That it was just a phase!
    And it was meant to pass!
    You find being happy a task!
    My dear reader,
    You forget that there are plenty of small things in which you can find happiness!
    Just like I did a few months back!
    This picture was clicked by me in February!
    I went to 'Magh Mela' with my family at around 8 PM
    Me and my sister went to this merry go round!
    And daaamnnn
    After a second or so,
    I was laughing, cheering, and happy!!
    Those 5 minutes on that ride,
    Actually made me laugh
    A laugh that was not fake at all!

    And I realized Happiness is all around you!
    You just need to hop on to that merry go round !

    Sumedha Singh Raghuvanshi

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    Happiness is everywhere,
    You just need to hop on ,
    On your merry go round!

    A small experience by sumedha_writes