• td123456 6w

    The events that has been taking place in the country are completely disastrous.
    Who is to be blamed?
    Answer is each and everyone of us. We are letting the well positioned people to abuse their powers. We are letting students (basically kids) get into something they probably do not even understand completely. We have built universities where instead of students getting educated, they are taught be involved in politics. What happened to learning, discoveries and inventions?

    It's the fault of the intolerant idiots,
    It's the fault of the 'tolerant' people who assume someone else is intolerant.
    It's the fault of liberals, the conservatives and everyone in between
    Because society is not build by just one group of people
    It's all of us
    And before you assume you are not one of these people
    Ask yourself this.. Have you quietly judged (even subconsciously) someone when they said something that didn't match the label you belong to?
    When someone said that they are religious or liberal? The answer for most people is yes. Whether you accept it or not.
    This moment of belief leads us to the attitude where we think we are of course the right ones, the logical and the smarter ones.
    But in truth the moment this happens.. consciously or subconsciously you become a reason for divide.
    It like sitting on two sides of the same boat and arguing on whose boat is better. It's completely idiotic.

    What is happening in the country is unfortunate.
    But it is bound to repeat itself if we do not improve ourselves.
    The need of the time is to first focus on who we are instead of getting identified with a label and giving it more importance than humanity.
    To build a better society.. each and everyone of us has to improve our ways and evolve.
    Let's not identify ourselves with silly ideas.
    Let's not identify ourselves or others with labels of being open-minded or close minded.
    Let's just first learn to be full fledged humans.