• night_immortal 10w

    Word of a Past Lover

    My mind wanders off to all those words you said, and how useless they become. None of it makes sense to me, no matter how I think of it I can’t understand why you said them if you weren’t going to do anything in accordance to them. Confessing your feelings have never left and you realized it when we all got together to see a movie, that I was the light in your darkness. That even after 3 years and in a relationship it wasn’t the same, then why stay in that relationship. We would text back and forth on a daily basis, even long phone calls with meaningless talks about random subjects that would never turn boring. If felt as if we were in a relationship even though we weren’t, those confused feelings have left all that is left is that question. Why? That’s all I want to know even though I know that I will never actually get the answer to that question. You said that you didn’t actually like her and that you didn’t break up with her just because you didn’t want to hurt her and like any idiot I believed you. Even after being hurt so many times I was still so naive at that time, now I know better then to believe the words of a past lover. I was just hopefully that maybe because we ended in that way not because we didn’t love each but because the circumstances at that time were not the best, that I was getting a second chance.