• maitrayee11 6w

    Never allowed to overtake me in

    Was hard, my life,
    But never wanted it to overtake me,
    Standing strong in the stormy breeze,
    Somehow was broken and wounded at times,
    But still never wanted it to overtake me,

    Giving up is not my dictionary,
    Beliefs are all me,
    Searched for a hand for me to be free,
    And waited for it to come and hold me,
    But never wanted the hard life to overtake me,

    Saw the time was passing by,
    And no aid was seen,
    But again closed the eyes,
    And realised it was all me,
    And never allowed it to overtake me,

    With the wounds I had,
    I crawled in the direction which was never seen,
    Moved further and here I am,
    With the glint in my very self in...

    But I never allowed my hard life to overtake me in....