• mikehauser 5w

    I actually have done something about what I talk of in this poem...
    I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior years back and can say it's the best decision I've ever made in life and for death! Although I'm still a mess I now have the hope of tomorrow.

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    ~The Final Beat~

    You know what's going to be weird
    You know what's going to be strange
    When this heart in me takes its final beat
    And from this place I pass away

    Will it be I know that I've died
    Will it be "POOF" you've arrived
    Will I struggle a bit with the jest of it
    Or will I take it all in stride

    Will there be someone there to meet me
    A marching band on hand to greet me
    Will St. Peter set me down gently
    And show My Good, my Bad, and my Ugly
    in a movie

    Or will I wake up to the burning flames
    With the demons all chanting my name
    Will I realize I've made a mistake
    And when I do will I regret it too late

    Or will I spend a few days off in Limbo
    With the angels calling out numbers for Bingo
    With Heaven above and Hell down below
    And me stuck here in the middle

    Just a few thoughts the closer I get
    To the ledge that is best known as death
    Maybe instead of me inkling in all this thinking
    I should do something about it instead...