• wolfa_x5 35w

    I loved

    I love you. There is no doubt about that but how could I fall in love with a player. The player I had warned all my friends about. How could I give my heart to him. His tanned skin and dark chocolate hair were just a feature of him I usally resist so why today am I admiring them. His Australian accent that I had gotten used to was music to my ears today. His bashful flirting which usally disgusted me now made my heart skip a beat. But why him is the question I ask today. I have loved him for months and months but my eyes were to blind to see it. He is nothing but a boy i tell my heart but my heart says back "he is the boy you fell in love with". So when i had the courage to ask him. To ask him to be with me when he said no and walked away it broke me. But now he is the one coming after me admiring my features listening to my voice like it's his favourite song. And when he asked me to be wig him my answer was " I loved you for sometime and you did not care so why should I love you know when you broke my heart" I was glad I loved him because it showed me a player is not one to fall in love with but I also hated the fact that I had loved him because I see him all I can think about is I loved but not enough.