• yuvraj__ 5w


    this symmetrical structure stands still and is so bold
    unfearfully depicting its history which was bravely once told
    its image captured in my heart is so priceless,
    it cannot be sold...

    there is a marvelous structure of marble
    in its center
    shows life's sacrifice, someone's surrender.
    Inside it lies the one who once ruled this place,
    capturing several cities with an unforgiving grace...
    this monument is what he left as his trace...

    once a King, the city's pride
    captured states, conquered and fortified.
    He was like a lion, the strongest and no.1 in his pride.
    still he tried and tried
    but couldn't take a penny when he died.

    This tomb is here from a long time, hundreds of decades,
    has a strong past which never fades,
    inside it holds a zillion stories and numerous phase.
    This place has stunned me by its beauty, i am dwelled into its space.