• empressbey_ 50w

    Fantasize Reality

    It started with a dream something straight out a movie, closed my eyes and saw it was my reality. The words you say all to me. Soft touch and kisses as soon as I fall asleep. The realness of my imagination makes ot seem as if youre right there. Music blasting in my ears to hear your voice. Learning you through lyrics. Being careful I felt hurt before. Looking in your eyes and seeing a side that no one else sees. Wanting to move like you complementing your swag. Mental so strong giving off the aura of one who knows. Gifted in all the talents you put your hands on. How can anyone tell me I am wrong? Life is crazy wanna be your peace. Dont want nothing but to share that special energy,have you next to me. Doing all the things you speak in my realisic fantasy.-EmpressDiya