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    The signs which cannot be changed in our life, and the signs
    Became True to our life and person was pretty excited to know
    What was his sign would be, all of the sudden noticed a very rich
    Man walking around the place, he was looking around it and he saw the person, by looking into his expression and said whats the issue of excitement my dear friend he said and he said that who are you he was going to say, His own helping friend said that we was the he is the first billionaires. And the person felt more excited what would be his sign of his life, what he would?? The person person brought on his head of queries. So when the first billionaire moved all of the sudden place place got swaped and saw and another man he asked are you going to check what's your issue with excitement he asked the same question of first billionaire so the person was going to ask that time , he pulled his hands and asked can I check your sign my dear friend he said
    And he said of course you can he said by checking and saying that soon he would be the best example for living in life of your hardwork and soon you will become you want o be in your life and would total in different and suddenly the place got swamped again he saw the same place were he lived, he was happy and after years he became the example of life living and the same fortune man he saw and called what ever you said it became true he said and saw his face again he was just same look of billionaire and moved fast and he went to his home and it was night , hwas sleeping and he got dream of that fortune man , in his Dream that his sign was aquarius , he transformed into billionaire and
    Atlast he transformed in to a God and when woke up it became morning and he came out of the house he went for walking he dint notice them both which is the fortune-teller and billionaire and he was really happy ever after��
    By unknown writer
    Do you believe in signs??

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    Something in sign

    Zodiac signs are the indicating of your true thing which is going to be true in every people's life