• kigero 9w

    Before the rage subsides and the anger fades, let me tell you about...

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    The demons behind my eyes

    You asked me to trust you, you promised you are different and against my better judgment I trusted you to be the one to break this endless loop and complete circuit
    But all I feel now is rage unbridled unstoppable and incomparable rage
    Because once again I was right all along you showed me you are a serpent a siren a gorgeous red haired wyvern with words so sweet but intentions so bitter you said you would fail me because you want a relationship devoid of physicality I said I would accept it if it means I could have you
    And even now I would forsake everything I’ve ever known if it would change your mind
    But I am angry because I was right and every part of me wanted to be wrong I so desperately desire that there was more I could have done
    As the demons behind my eyes dance to the tune of the agony of my regrets everything remains as it always was another love gained another love lost another soul replenished on my hearts watch
    My watch has come to an end I still want to fight but there’s nothing more to gain and even less to defend
    As I crumble in tears broken defeated and alone, I realize once again I have fallen once again, I am home